What's Snew?

When I was in college, a friend of mine used the corniest opening line to start a conversation with a woman whom he found interesting. In all seriousness, he said, "Excuse me, but you've got some snew on your shoulder."
Alarmed, the woman checked each shoulder, and, seeing nothing, asked, "What's snew?"
"Not much. What's new with you?"
Would you believe the couple are nearing their fiftieth wedding anniversary?

"What's new?" It's a question to consider as we enter 2019. A new resolution? A new diet? A new exercise regiment? A re
newal of lapsed friendships? For me, one thing will be plotting and writing a new book for 2020. Not only will I experience new things in my life, but also in my characters' lives as well. A new year means new discoveries for these people who have grown very real to me. They have pasts that shape their futures. And whether the story happens in the worlds of Sam Blackman's Asheville detective agency or Buryin' Barry's small-town funeral home, new events will create conflict for them and those they love.

At this point, I don't know who will take centerstage or what challenges they will face, but we will share this New Year's resolution, that a resolution of the story will be completed within the year. And that my characters and I will be wiser for the shared adventure.

Then I'll look for more snew. It's bound to be hiding somewhere at hand. All I have to ask is "What's new?"