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Mark de Castrique is an author, producer, and director based in Charlotte, NC. With more than 40 years in the television production industry and 19 mystery novels to his credit, Mark is a skilled storyteller.
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Murder in Rat Alley
A Sam Blackman Mystery

What do the Apollo Moon Missions, mountain music, and our nation's weather data have in common? They collide in Sam Blackman's most complex and dangerous case yet when he comes face to face with Murder in Rat Alley.

Intelligent, kind protagonists and an eye opening historical background make this one a winner. –
Publishers Weekly


The Day Babe Ruth Died in Asheville – New Blog Post

One thing enjoy about writing fiction is not just making things up but rather discovering historical facts that can fuel a fictional story.
The Sam Blackman series revolves around the Past creating murderous consequences in the Present. The events don't have to be major, but they do have to be interesting. Such is the case of the story of how Babe Ruth died in Asheville, North Carolina.
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